Koto Gadang is a Kenagarian (village) in Agam regency which produced many national leaders, from politicians, scientists until the literati. At a time of former President Sukarno came to Koto Gadang and said, "Koto Gadang, a small town, but his large sieve (large)".

Koto Gadang famous center of silver handicraft and songket Minang. Even since the Dutch colonial period, silver and songket Koto Gadang has grown by leaps and bounds. At that time, the craft Koto Gadang often purchased by the wife of the Dutch officials who served in Bukittinggi. The wife is buying crafts weeks to wear and even some that bring back to their home country as souvenirs.

Currently, the City Tower crafts enthusiasts not only from various regions in Indonesia, but also from abroad. Surely this is a valuable asset that must be guarded area and noted that the visitors kept coming.

Since 1911 the silver and songket Koto Gadang has had the privilege is known in the world and has always been the target of foreign tourists who visit this city.

Koto Gadang motif of silver made in various forms such as jewelry, various kinds of clothing accessories, various displays to miniature Minang traditional custom home. Silver Tower Koto has a subtle motif, color is not shiny, with such an impression in shades of milky white doff elegant. Lightweight and elegant, when combined with the beautiful songket Koto Gadang and subtle, suitable to attend formal occasions and parties.

Koto Gadang is a Nagari is located in District IV Koto, Agam regency, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia.

To reach the location, tourists can travel using a landline. From the city of Padang to Bukittinggi, a trip can be taken for about two hours using public transport, with the cost of Rp 15,000-Rp 20,000 per person (February 2008). After arriving in the city of Bukittinggi, the journey can continue to use the rural transportation to Kenagarian Koto Gadang within about 10 miles from the city of Bukittinggi.

For tourists from out of town who want to linger can stay in a hotel that is widely available in the town of Bukittinggi. In addition, along the road to Koto Gadang there are many restaurants and restaurants serving cuisine of Padang.
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Sawahlunto The Old Mining Town

Sawahlunto show that tourism has a history tour. You will be taken in the atmosphere of a beautiful history. Enjoy the hills, the old historic buildings, museums and many other natural attractions such as lakes, water boom, and so forth.

Sawahlunto is the only one mine city in West Sumatra. As a city of mine, then the city together with the emergence of coal mining that is done by the Dutch colonial government in the year 1892.

Coal is found here since mid-19th century by Ir. de Greve. He was then put to the Dutch government to mine coal in this area. Since the invention of the coal, this region is always visited by the geolog.

Finally, after the local community "submit" to the region this year in the Netherlands in 1876. So mining coal start in this region.

Sports rafting can be a challenge in Sawahlunto Sijunjung Batang Kuantan, 38 km along the river is very eager to be forded. The combination of stones and the river flow which is very swift and the extreme steepness. It's to be a unique experience never forgotten.
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Three Mountain City in West Sumatera

BUKITTINGGI - Throughout the Bukittinggi all hearts to praise the beauty of the area had been the country's main city. Nan cold air, beautiful panorama be circled hills, plus a green plant add coolness. With such capital, Bukittinggi is not wrong if it becomes one of the destinations visited by the traveler who must come in the province of West Sumatra.

There are also several tourist attractions in the district, One of them is the Cave of Japan was in the area of the city center Bukittinggi. Hole wall mount that is rock hard tens of meters in length that Jl. Raya Sihanok canyon, has a secret and unique. With a semicircular cavity which average about two meters high, except that some of the hollow force of the bow to the visitor through this-I used to have a strategic function for the Japanese soldiers.
In front of the cave which was the object as a tour by the Minister of Education and Culture Fuad Hassan on 11 March 1986, the garden there are panoramic views, which in addition to a shady place. Parks that are part of the canyon area Sihanok is decorated trees. Wild monkeys often appear to get food from the visitors.

Jam Gadang
Jam Gadang built in 1926 by architect and Yazin Sutan Gigi Ameh. Laying the first stone this day is done, son Rook Maker is the first time was still the age of 6 years. Clock is a gift from the Queen of the Netherlands Controleur (City Secretary). Previously, this clock-shaped and rounded at the top stands a statue of the rooster in the Netherlands, and the pagoda-shaped Japanese. At the time of independence, change shape to become more traditional Minangkabau house ornaments.
Diameter size of this clock is 80 cm, with a basic sketch 13x4 meters while the height 26 meters. Jam Gadang development seems to spend the total cost of this development Gulden 3000. There are unique from the roman numbers on the clock Gadang this. When writing letters in the roman usually six is VI, VII is number seven and number eight is VIII, then the number four is IIII.

Some places of interest in the city of Bukittinggi is one of the oldest fort is Benteng Vort de Kock. This is the oldest fort already experienced many renovations, but very historic struggle in the nation.
Not far from Bukittinggi, about 25 kilometers distance, at the Padang Panjang Anai Valley have become a regular visitor as the place for the tour because of waterfalls and rivers below the waterfall which is very cool and always enjoyed people
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Peace Lake Singkarak elegancy

I would like to invite relatives to roam where is very elegant, beautiful, peaceful, beautiful and green place. Presumably not yet complete tour visit if you have not yet predict natural painting this one, is a natural basin that be drowned very clear water with fish decorations fish roam nan peace and quiet of Lake Singkarak.

With 107.8 KM2 Lake Singkarak is the second widest lake on the island of sumatera after Lake Toba in North Sumatera. in addition, the natural beauty, cool air and the water is clear inchantment of Lake Singkarak so so special to visit. Lake Singkarak sweep in the two districts in West Sumatera, Kabupaten Solok and Kabupaten Tanah Datar. Lake Singkarak is upstream frome the Ombilin River and Anai River. Water to Anai River flowed through tunnels cut through the Bukit Barisan and used to drive generator PLTA Singkarak.
Lake that lies in the altitudes of 392.5 m from the sea surface has a unique species of fish. This fish only lives in Lake Singkarak. Local people call the "fish Bilih" (Mystacoleuseus padangensis). This fish can only lives in they original habitat, both in aquarium, swimming, even in the nets that float in the Lake Singkarak though.

For You who want to enjoy Lake Singkarak, provided the boat tour and a traditional boat. Water clarity and elegance Lake Singkarak can be perceived from the boat with a relatively low cost. There is an traditional event boat race for regional and national level.
believe your visit to Lake Singakarak will not smoke anymore especially if you enjoy Lika bay road. Singakarak Lake is surrounded by rice paddy fields of the tiered green, the surging of the hill, the building houses bagonjong which estetik and the lake wind soothing.
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Twin Lake. Eden in Mountain fuller waist

West Sumatera is rich with lakes. There are five lake. Lake Maninjau, Singkarak Lake, Lake of Above, Below Lake and Lake Talang. Except Lake Maninjau, there are four other lakes in the District of Solok. Both Lake Above and Below call TWIN LAKE. They located distance is only about 300 meters.

Until the location of the air will be cold and we can already see the lake above the right. Name of the two lakes ar contradictory, often make the visitor asked, why the lake located on the top of the hill called Below Lake, while under the hill or under the road called Above Lake. That is because, although located at the top of the hill, the water surface of Below Lake same basis with the Above Lake. Above Lake with 17,20 square meters, it's water elevation is 1600 meters above the sea level. While the Below Lake altitude is 1566 m above the sea level. You can see why.....

Around the Twin Lake area, you can enjoy the broadest carpet turn the tea plantation in the valley-a valley in the middle of Mount Talang. Results of the tea plantations managed by PTP Nusantara VI is exported to Europe, Middle East and South Asia.In addition, spread along the road paving and garden Markisa, Terong Pirus (eggplant Netherlands) and various other types of vegetables. Fresh fruits are fruit typical of the Twin Lake.

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Anai Waterfall in Anai Valley West Sumatera

Anai waterfall located in the street connecting Padang City dan City of Bukittinggi, two cities that are centers for the governance, economic growth, and tourism in theProvince of West Sumatera. The location is Righ in the side streets, creating waterfalls is able to attract the tourists both local and foreign tourist. Waterfall is included in nature conservation areas Anai Valley.

The beauty of the panorama that emanated Anai Waterfall with the "image of nature" that is still beautiful to support the increase in tourist visits to West Sumatera. Therefore, the Regional Government of the Province of West Sumatera tourism through the Office of the object set tour Anai Valley as one of the icons of tourism in the province

Source of the waterfall comes from Mount Singgalang. Crystal clear water flowing through the hill slopes, and continue through reserve before Anai Valley up to the edge of steep cliffs. From this edge, the flow of water and then plunge to the valley that has a base elevation of 50 meters and form a crater sump. Down with water that quickly follow each other and
splash water fog. Fog is formed cluster of beautiful colorful light on the sun shine.

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Maninjau| Beautiful lake on West Sumatera

Maninjau Lake is a lake in the district of Tanjung Raya, Agam regency, province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Lake is located approximately 140 km north of Padang, the capital of West Sumatra, 36 km from Bukittinggi, 27 km from Lubuk Basung, the capital of Kabupaten Agam. Maninjau which is vulkanik lake is in the height of 461.50 meters above sea level. . Maninjau knowledgeable about 99.5 km ² and has a maximum depth of 495 meters. This lake form because of the eruption of Mount Sitinjau called (according to local legend), this can be seen from the form of a hill around the lake like a wall-like. According to the legend in Ranah Minang, the existence of Lake Maninjau closely associated with the story of Bujang Sembilan.

Maninjau lake is a source of water for the river called Batang Antokan. In one of the lake, which is upstream from the Batang Antokan there PLTA Maninjau. Highest peak around Lake Maninjau known as Puncak Lawang. To reach Lake Maninjau if the direction of Bukittinggi will pass zigzag road is known as a curve 44 along about 10 KM from Ambun Pagi to Maninjau.

This lake was a lake at the eleventh widest in Indonesia. Meanwhile, in West Sumatra, lake Maninjau is the second after Lake Singkarak that has knowledgeable 129.69 km ² which is located in two districts namely Tanah Datar and Solok regency. Around Lake Maninjau tourist facilities there, such as the Hotel (Hotel Maninjau Indah, Pasir Panjang Permai), as well as lodging and restaurants.
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Waves for Surfer at Mentawai, West Sumatera

Listed below is an in-depth look at the TOP 33 Mentawai surf spots:

4 Bobs
4 Bobs Right. One of the best warm up waves in the islands. Great fun and totally protected from most wind directions. Not a long wave but usually clean with a potential coverup on takeoff and a nice wall for limbering up and getting ready for the next level.

7 Palm Point
7 Palm Point. A fun left-hander with a decent wall to carve. Most boats pass it by but it can deliver fun sessions.

Arik's Right. On a big west swell Arik's produces a spectacular high-speed barrel that barely backs off before it throws out again. The wave starts breaking way out the back with 500m rides possible. Needs a north or north east wind and a bit of tide. The coral here is unlike any in the Mentawai with deeply divided living reef that lurks very close to the base of the wave. Get over that and hold your line and make sure the camera is ready.... ... images unlike anything else in the Mentawais

Bank Vaults
BankVaults Right. The name says it all.. once you are in one of these perfect beasts it is pretty hard to get out! The bigger it gets the better your chances of making the wave and over the years BankVaults has featured in a lot of magazines and videos. Body boarders love the wave.

Benchongs is an impossible right handed sucking thing on the south end of Devil's Island. It is somewhat of a secret and the only surfer to ever make it all the way is Anthony Marcotti. He gets naming rights to this one for sure. He claims he first heard about Benchongs in a bar in Jakarta... He was drinking too many bloody mary's and had forgotten to wear his contact lenses. Anthony claims that it was the ride of his life. "Benchongs is a bucking, heaving, husky brute with a climax like a bear trap" he told our doctors. Anyone who messes with Benchongs should be prepared to bleed a bit.

Beng Bengs or KeyHole
Beng Bengs Left is an extremely good left that cranks on a mid size or bigger west swell. A 10 minute boat ride from Eco Bay Lodge. When E-Bay is out of control, Beng Bengs can hold the size. When E-Bay is a bit small or the tide too low, Beng Bengs pumps out mellow speedwalls and the occasional cover-up. A walk along the perfect white sand beach is well worth the effort.

Bintangs Right delivers more fun per meter than most waves you will ever surf. It is short and sweet. On days when the hell north winds blow everything out, Bintangs shines.

Koroniki (Burger World)
Koroniki Right or Burgerworld is a great alternative when everywhere else is flat. Anything bigger than 4 feet here flattens out into a giant speedwall.Burgerworld is very consistent and it has produced some epic images over the years. The setting just meters from the jungle is to die for.

E-Bay Left. E-bay is a spectacular fast, barreling left that is best when overhead or bigger. Jack McCoy named this place "Paradise Point" and it features heavily in some of his best known surf movies. Mulitple coverups are common at mid tide and the wave can turn fun and slashable on full tide. A favorite with the pro photographers.

Iceland is a gut churning left wedge that sucks out of deep water and blasts down a very live reef in super clear water. The name relates to the water color after the wave breaks leaving a fizz of air bubbles in the water for far longer than other places. The peak shifts and getting caught inside is just part of the fun. North to North East winds or flat calm are the only times you will see the best of this wave but it can turn on some incredible sessions.

Kandui Left
Kandui Left ranks as one of the fastest left-hand barrels in the world. Most waves are just too fast to paddle into and some of the biggest bombs can only be ridden with a tow-in from well out the back. In a couple of sections the wave backs off just a little and that is where the brave sit. Epic rides reward those willing to take the drop. Punishment is mandatory and it is a long walk back to the keyhole once you get washed inside.

Kandui Right (Rifles)
Rifles or Kandui Right is all about straight line speed. When the wind goes west and eases off, Rifles starts firing. Dead straight barrels for several hundred meters with clear glassy walls that will leave your head spinning. The take off area is intense and forget about shoulder hopping. The danger here is that someone is already in the barrel and you cant see them when you stroke in so take your medicine and wait your turn out the back. On its day there is probably no wave than generates more speed in the Mentawais yet is still makable and escapable.

Lance's Right (Hollow Trees)
Lance's Right or Hollow Trees, more commonly referred to as "HT's" has been voted one of the top ten waves in the world. Mentawai veterans call it the office... they like to park in the keyhole and surf all day... and call that a job! The wave wraps 180 Deg and actually breaks almost due south after bending, warping and amplifying around the south tip of Sipura. A freak of nature and a very special place. Wide sets can be fat and easy to make but everything else is fast hollow and almost mechanically perfect. The screamers across the reef can reward and they can punish. A wave to elevate your surfing skills if you can face the drop and believe in yourself.

Lance's Lefts
Lance's Left is one of the best known destinations in the Mentawais. It is world famous for consistency and quality combined with variety. Three main take off zones can be working on the same day with as many sections that barrel and on the best days connect all the way through. The end section is so inviting that almost everyone gets tempted to try it. Dont. The canyons will get you on low tide and you can end up in a washing machine on high tide.

An easy to navigate keyhole makes it easy to recover from the inevitable reef inspection and pretty often you can wait for a chance to paddle out through the lineup to save the long way round.

On the big days, the wide sets make for a majestic sight with a relatively easy entry wedge and plenty of room to pull out before the wave goes manic on the inside.

Lighthouse Rights can turn on an incredible spectacle when the winds drop out and the swell cranks from the south. Huge wedges seem to hang in space for ages as the lines march towards the lighthouse. Climb the tower to take some amazing shots of the lineup.

Macaroni's (Macas)
Macas Left, voted the most fun wave in the world. Macaroni's, more commonly referred to as "Macca's" is one of the best lefts in the tropics. Consistency is Macas middle name. The wave looks more like a machine than a natural reef formation. If you could design a wave, Macas is about the best thing one could imagine putting together.

Tom Carroll set the record for taking off deepest. So deep that the wave he pulled into has only been ridden a handful of times since. Most surfers head for the boils that mark the take-off zone and about half of the team in the water will get the drop, turn, tuck sequence worked out on the first day. Not up to that? pick off the dregs. An hour surfing the inside bowl is amazing and more fun than most surfers will have in a year at home.

Macaroni's Right
Macaroni's Right breaks when the winds turn north or north east. A fun wave when 4 ft or more, it produces long speed walls and a lot of down the line barrels.

Mainu (Hideaways)
Hideaways Left or Mainu throws a heavy left barrel over a very visible and very shallow reef. Far less consistent than other breaks in the area, it is best on a fresh west swell with a 14+second period. When it gets good it can be very very good. Other times it can be pretty gnarly. Low tide is for lunies and pros. SE winds or none at all suit it best.

Nippussi Right picks up all the swell and turns on more consistent performance waves than any location in the north Mentawais. Winds often go north and Nippussi is offshore while everything else gets blown out. Wide wedges hold up to 5m while the reef runners can produce barrels on much very little swell.

Rubber Duckies Left or Playgrounds produces long and clean walls for mal riders or anyone looking for a mellow experience with little or no fear attached. On bigger south swell days this wave can stand up into the west wind and produce very long speedwalls.

Pitstops is a predictable right-hander which breaks a few hundred yards from E-bay. The take off area is about the size of a billiard table on a small swell, it moves out predictably on mid size swells but goes mutant and wide when the swell picks up. Best at mid tide or lower and 3ft, the wave throws a nice cover-up on the take-off, backs off into a bashable lip and then reforms over sand all the way to the beach. A perfect set up for beginners and kids with huge trees shading the white sand amphitheater and a sand bottom blue hole for swimming. Watch the rip on bigger days... it will cycle you back to the lineup in no time but swimmers can find themselves out in deep water pretty fast. Relax and call a boat or someone on a board.

Promises is seldom ridden by anyone who is not at pro level. Great for photogs looking for wide open right hand barrels in but very close to dry reef so no room for error.

Rag's Left
Rag's Left is an absurdly long left with a dependable barrel. It is best on a huge southwest swell when it is breaking four feet or bigger at the top of the reef. The walls stand up for ever and the spectacle of Rags at 6ft is something you will never forget.

Rag's Right
Rag's Right is still working on high tide but it is no less intimidating. The lip throws out so far because the reef ledges up fast and mistakes are not good for your health. Awesome on its day, Rags Right needs light NE or N winds to fire.

Satan's Left (Discos)
Disco's is a fun mellow left when the wind goes NE or flat calm. Long walls and a couple of coverup without the gut tightening side effects of the Hole make it popular with the older crew.

Scarecrows - Pitojat Island. Scarecrows Left is always a bit larger and a bit more exposed than Telescopes. Scarecrows is best on an incoming tide and very light east or south east wind. It handles stronger south winds at low to mid tide and the take off is either a deep instant coverup or a big wedgey ramp and an insane inside bowl.

Silabulabu is a fun left speedwall when everywhere else is out of control. South east to south winds best.

Suicides is seldom ridden simply because it sucks almost dry from the drop till the closeout. Strictly for thrill junkies with gigantic gonads. Or pros with manic photogs in charge.

Telescopes Left - How deep do you want to paddle? One of the world's most perfect left barrels once the swell hits 4ft or more. A tide gate holds back the swell on the outgoing and for an hour or two after low tide. Then the fun starts and if you are on the spot for the afternoon offshore your tropical fantasies will all come together in front of your eyes. The wave looks easy from the anchorage but it is always bigger and faster than you think on the drop.

Thunders is named for the goosebump raising noise it makes. Dropping pick at the place causes a rush to the head. Always way bigger than it looks from the boat, Thunders is easily the most consistent left in the Mentawais. SE to SW winds are more or less off shore with South being the ideal wind direction. Waves wrap from several different directions so you are always on the look out for the most feared wide sets in the Mentawais. Caught inside at Thunders is something to avoid.

Six wave sets and a lot of water rushing over the reef make you feel like an old sock in a washing machine. Injuries are actually pretty rare on the bigger days but beware when the swell drops below 4 ft. The small days always seem to hammer you harder and after the recent uplift there is no more washing in over the reef to the keyhole. Most surfers agree the wave is actually better since the island jacked up about 40cm in the quakes last year.

Thunder's Right
Thunders Right is a so-so right next to Thunders. If you decide to surf here hopefully you'll have a northwest wind and medium tide to make it halfway entertaining.

The Hole
The Hole is legend in surf videos and for good reason. Some skippers regard it as the most perfect Left barrel in the world and the photos say it all. The clear blue water and perfect polished glass walls are so beautiful that you are likely to forget that the reef is so close.

Turuns is an underrated left breaking round a picture perfect tiny island. Most boats pass it without stopping. Wait for the mid tide and the glass off and be rewarded surfing alone in paradise.
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